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Monday, April 23, 2012

New Plus-Size Dresses, Coat, Sweater, Pantsuit on Etsy!

70s vintage poly Asian-inspired pantsuit, size medium to large.  The colors are indeed as vibrant as they look!

70s boho wrap sweater, size small to medium, in very soft acrylic.  Cream/reddish orange, orange, and navy.

Gorgeous soft aqua Ursula of Switzerland wedding/mother-of-the-bride flapper-style dress, size 9/10, but will fit larger.  Hat and necklace are available if you convo me!

Gorgeous kelly green 80s secretary/wiggle dress, size 14!

Another lovely 80s secretary dress, in a beautiful shade of fuchsia, size 14, and just LOOK at the detailing below of the belt:

Groovy 60s/70s polyester trench coat, reminiscent of what "99" would have worn on the show "Get Smart!"  It's fully lined, and will fit a modern medium to large.  Hat is available.

Silky 70s/80s secretary dress - dress has been pinned to fit Max, but actually is plus-sized - would fit up to a modern 14/16, in lovely shades of fuchsia and grey.

80s does the 20s here in this cobalt blue dropped-waist dress by Miss Chaus, size 12!  Hat and jewelry not included, but convo me if you're interested, as they complete the look!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Vintage Sweater and Suit on Etsy!

Great 70s acrylic "grandpa" style sweater - so cozy and warm!  Will fit large to extra-large - a little yellowing of the acrylic from age, but plenty of wear left in this one!

I call this outfit "I Want to Be a Scottish Princess!"  It's a vintage 80s Doncaster wool three-piece wardrober, complete with a huge matching shawl!  The suit features a pencil skirt with two slash pockets, a jacket with large shoulder pads and black velvet trim - this suit is in immaculate condition, and as you can see in the next pic, looks great with a crisp white blouse (not included).  This set ALSO includes the large black-stone vintage brooch - don't miss it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pamela Courson Morrison's White Pantsuit/Scarf Inspiration!

Here I've dressed Maxine in a white vintage pantsuit that I bought off eBay, and the scarf is vintage, too!  Tried to capture the look of Pam in those famous "levitation" photos she took with Jim - wish the scarf was longer, but this was the closest match I could find - hope you enjoy!

Image courtesy of my favourite ladies on Tumblr, Rae and Alix at!

I also made a Pam Barbie doll!  I scoured eBay until I found the pantsuit, and I made the scarf myself.  For those who are interested, you can follow me on for more Pam Barbie pics in the future!

I had trouble with her bangs here!  I'm too scared to cut a wig myself!  :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage Children's Books

I was on Amazon recently, and I searched for three books that were my favorites when I was about nine to 11 years old.  I was a pretty lonely kid - I was considered a nerd and was picked on; I had few friends, so I discovered reading, and pretty soon, books became both my favorite form of escapism and my best friends, all wrapped into one!

This was my absolute favorite when I was in fourth grade - it's a story about a young girl named Maggie, who one day comes to school to find out she's no longer part of the "in" crowd...she tries to befriend the new girl in school - a strange girl named Tibbie, who is very smart, but very defensive and cold towards everyone, because she's always been picked on and made fun of, too.  Eventually, after a playground prank that leaves Tibbie with a concussion, Maggie wins over Tibbie's defensiveness and they become best friends!  Since there's been so much talk lately about school bullying, this book is definitely a must-read for any child whose reading level is about third to fifth grade, in my opinion.

On summer, when I was 11 years old, I stayed with my grandparents, who lived outside of Las Vegas.  It was too hot to go out and play during the daytime, so one day I started going through my grandmother's book case, and I stumbled upon this old mystery novel.  I noticed that it was published in 1950, so I assumed it was my mom's book (it was!).  It was a bit above my grade level at the time, but I absolutely loved it!  I couldn't remember the exact title of the book, so I Googled a phrase that I remembered, "Margorie and the green ghost."  I hit "images" and the cover of the book popped right up!  I then went to Amazon and bought it immediately - I'm on Spring Break from school right now, so I intend to re-read it this week!  Penny Allen is a series of mystery books, and they're well-worth checking out, even though they're a bit dated.

"A Room for Cathy" was another fourth-grade favorite of mine.  I could really relate to Cathy Leonard, because she's about to get a big room of her very own, and at the time, my dad was finishing a room down in our basement, which was to become my own private space - a place where I had room for all of my books, my Breyer model horses, posters, clothes, etc.  Cathy just finishes getting her room exactly the way she wants it, when all of a sudden, the Leonards' decide to take in a family of boarders, and Cathy learns she has to share her new room with their daughter, Naomi.  Cathy learns what it means to share, and it's a great story about how to let go of selfishness - I highly recommend it!