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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ear Bandit Tees Now Available in Long-Sleeve Design!

For those of you who prefer the warmth of a long-sleeve tee, well, the Ear Bandit has fluttered in again, and he's anxious to unveil his newest incarnation!  This tee is available in virtually any color you like; plus, the text can be done in any color as well - perfect for personalizing it for the one you lobe!  Prices for the adult-sized long-sleeve tee are $24.50.  Contact me for special pricing for kids' sizes!
And here is a view of the back of the shirt with the web address, so everyone you meet can surf on over and grab their own!

Just head on over to, and have a lobely day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Этот пост посвящен всем моим читателям из России!

Я хотел сказать 'спасибо' моим читателям из России. Пожалуйста простите мой русский язык - это является очень основным, и я иногда использую словарь для многих слов.

Сегодня я хотел занять одну минуту, чтобы размышлять над одним из моего любимого вдохновения всего времени, Царя Николаса II и Царицы Александры Романова. Я думаю, что они были одной из самых прекрасных пар всего времени, и их костюмы и стиль платья непревзойдены до настоящего времени.
Они были очень влюблены, и они и их дети умерли трагически.

Пожалуйста наслаждайтесь этими прекрасными фотографиями, и спасибо читать мой blog!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Freddie Mercury charm bracelet

This isn't vintage...I actually bought it off eBay several months ago, and it's so unique that I just had to upload a few pics of it!  Hard to believe it's been a little more than 20 years since Freddie was truly as sad day for rock 'n' roll, since on that same day, November 24, 1991, rock also lost legendary Kiss drummer Eric Carr, of brain cancer.  My ex actually has one of Eric's floor toms! :) 

I grew up listening to Queen so much as a teenager (and Kiss, too, but not as much because my mother did not allow me to buy their albums, ha ha!) and Freddie was so much more than one of the biggest voices in rock history - he was also a fashion icon!  In a future post at some point, I'll do an entry featuring Freddie-inspired clothing.
R.I.P. Freddie and Eric.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vintage sweaters and blouse on Etsy!

Vibrant little 70s/early 80s pullover v-neck sweater by Catalina!  Modern small/medium.

Looking for the perfect Spring-weight poncho?  Look no further!

Vintage Judy Bond semi-sheer blouse in those fabulous 70s colors!  Size "36," will fit modern medium/large.  Check out the little sparkly buttons!

Er...pardon Maxine's sans pantalones look today - I called her for a photo shoot before she had a chance to get fully dressed!  This is a lovely hand-knit bell sleeved open cardigan, done in the most vibrant colors - don't miss out!  Should fit a modern small/medium best, but could also work for a size large since it's open in front!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hellobe! E.B. is now on a t-shirt!

Anyone who knows me is well aware of the little fluttery-eared creature that I draw on virtually everything - homework notes, greeting cards; yes, even rent checks!  He says "Hellobe!" in whimsical lettering, and my new website,, is printed on the back!  Now he's available on a wide variety of shirts and merchandise, and each order is carefully tailored to your individual taste - I have a wide variety of colors, text colors, and styles for you to choose from, and kids will *love* these!  Spread a happy message to the world!  

The white t-shirt is only $19.99.  Contact me either here or on my website for a price quote on other colors/styles/merchandise!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Today's Fashion Inspiration: Pamela Courson Morrison

I've been fascinated with Pamela Courson for nearly as many years as it's been since I first read "No One Here Gets Out Alive," in 1981, when I was barely 15 years old.  For those that don't recognize her name, she was Doors' frontman Jim Morrison's longtime girlfriend, and many people close to the couple knew that Jim regarded her as his common-law wife. 

I think Pamela was a little hard to pin down (personality wise), but her fashion sense was undeniable - Jim even bought her her own boutique, Themis, which was located close to The Doors' studio/office in Los Angeles. Themis, while not a large store, was elaborately decorated and featured clothes from around the world; Pam would fly to Europe on a regular basis to stock up on unique, high-end couture.  Here is a photo of Pam, Jim, and friends inside Themis, keeping it campy in front of the camera!

Image courtesy of

Notice the lovely Asian-inspired caftan/kimono that Pam is wearing?  She seems to be far away in her own thoughts - that's probably not far off the mark, as she has been portrayed as dreamy and creative.  See the gorgeous tunic that Jim is wearing?  It makes me wonder if Pam purchased it on one of her travels, like maybe Morocco?

Anyway, there's a photo of Jim and Pam together, and I believe it was also taken inside Themis, and it's one of my favourites:

Image courtesy of

I adore Pam's elegant up-do in the photograph, and I've spend a lot of time online and in local vintage shops, looking for the perfect outfit that was similar in design to what Pam was wearing, and I finally found it on eBay, which I bought first to have Maxine model for us - tell me if you think I've captured a similar look/style: 
Yes, that's a cigarette in her hand!  Remember folks, this was in the 1960s, back when everybody smoked!  I found it interesting that Pam's cig was in her right hand, making me wonder if she was left-handed?  Sure wish I had had a white rose and that suede wrap that she's holding...

It took *forever* to pin and style this wig!  I was trying to capture Pamela's Grecian-style up-do, and believe me, this wig was a basket case to start out with!  Many tears and a can of mousse later, here are the final results.  In the picture below, the flash from my camera made Maxine's hair too bright and not the same shade as Pam's warmer, lighter red.  Wish I had that funky pendant that Pamela's wearing (the one she also turns into a headband!)  The only large pendant necklace that I own is bright green, and it looked ghastly with this outfit!  This is just a simple black jumpsuit with a chiffon overdress, slit up the sides.  In the pics of Pam, it's hard to tell whether she's wearing black palazzo pants or a black skirt underneath, so this was the closest I could find after weeks of scouring eBay and other sites.  Maxine is an Italian mannequin, so her skin tone is more of an olive than Pam's alabaster-and-freckles, and Max's eyes are hazel, not bluish-green like Pam's.  Still, I think their facial features bear somewhat of a resemblance - that same delicate look that's so hard to describe!

Pam was, and always will be, a beautiful mystery with too few chapters penned.  She lived fast and died much too young (she was 27, as Jim was when he passed).  It would have been fascinating to have witnessed both of them live past age 27, and what creative turns their lives might have taken them...

In the future, I will post an entry that features Maxine modeling a couple of white dresses (and some Pam-inspired jewelry) like the ones I've seen in other photographs of her.  I also have a white pantsuit and green scarf, like the ones Pam wore in the famous levitation photos of her and Jim.  :)