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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pamela Courson Morrison's White Pantsuit/Scarf Inspiration!

Here I've dressed Maxine in a white vintage pantsuit that I bought off eBay, and the scarf is vintage, too!  Tried to capture the look of Pam in those famous "levitation" photos she took with Jim - wish the scarf was longer, but this was the closest match I could find - hope you enjoy!

Image courtesy of my favourite ladies on Tumblr, Rae and Alix at!

I also made a Pam Barbie doll!  I scoured eBay until I found the pantsuit, and I made the scarf myself.  For those who are interested, you can follow me on for more Pam Barbie pics in the future!

I had trouble with her bangs here!  I'm too scared to cut a wig myself!  :D


  1. Hey. just found your Pam!! Looks just like her, very good job! Thanks for that, made me think about how she really looked like...beautiful!

    1. Thanks so, so much! I've adored Pam for as long as I can remember - check future posts for more Pamalike outfits! ;)