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Friday, August 31, 2012

A Whirlwind of Etsy Sales - Thanks To My Loyal Customers!

Just wanted to thank all of my loyal customers on Etsy - all of these items have sold this week, and I'm forever grateful for your support, and I hope you all love your new shoes and clothes!

This is such a cozy sweater!

Sorry for Maxine's lack of decorum here - I promise she never leaves the house sans pantalones.

I LOVE this pantsuit...never got a chance to wear it - it's perfect for fall, no?

This little hipster sweater is perfect for hanging out in the coffee shop!

The pictures of this pantsuit don't do it justice!  The colors are so vibrant, and it's sure to glean compliments!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Want to Be a Scottish Princess: Shawl, Skirt, Jacket and Brooch


Maxine waited patiently on the bluffs of Scotland for her new swain, Ian...she tiptoed to the end of the cliffside, the wind gently buffering her gorgeous shawl...she pulled it tightly as she finally spotted his face, ruddy from the his hand was a small velvet box...he gallantly dropped to one knee and presented an heirloom claddagh as he asked for Maxine's hand in marriage...

Ladies, you won't find anything else like this beautiful suit and shawl anywhere, on any vintage clothing site! It's made by the famous Doncaster, and features a wool pencil skirt, lovely jacket with velvet trim and velvet buttons, and a breathtaking large shawl to match!

The plaid is done in shades of purple, black, pink, and teal green. I've tried to do some research on it, but I don't know what particular clan this plaid pattern represents. The shawl has immaculate fringe, and the pencil skirt has two slash pockets and a back slit for walking comfort. The suit is fully lined. 100% wool, dry clean only.

I've shown it worn in a variety of ways (white blouse not included), but for the buyer, I will throw in the vintage brooch for FREE! The shawl also looks cute pair with black skinny jeans and a turtleneck sweater - this is *such* a pretty and versatile outfit! The jacket features large 80s-style shoulderpads. It's marked a size 12, but please refer to the measurements below to ensure a proper fit:

Shoulder: 17"
Bust: 21" (double)
Waist: 17" (double)
Hip: 21.5" (double)
Sleeve: 24"
Meas. taken with jacket buttoned - might fit up to size 14 as well!

Waist: 15" (double)
Hip: 21.5" (double)
Length: 28"

Width: 25.5"
Length: Approx. 92"
Price:  $99.99 plus $8.00 US shipping; $19.95 international shipping.  Don't miss out on this beautiful set for fall!

Monday, August 27, 2012

90s Grunge Velvet Festival Dress on Etsy Treasury List!


Maxine heads off to a grunge music revival in her gorgeous emerald green crushed velvet mini-dress by Styles to Go!

This dress features large buttons on the collar - you can wear it all buttoned up, or unbutton it (see pics) for a more casual look. It's got kind of a goth vibe, depending on how you choose to accessorize it - I think it would look cute with black tights and boots, huh? Adding a hat or a belt would look great, too!

It's marked a size medium (I think it could fit a large), but please refer to the meas. below to ensure a proper fit:

Shoulder: 18"
Bust: 20" (double)
Waist: 18.5" (double)
Hip: 20" (double)
Sleeve: 21.5"
Length: 35" shoulder to hem
Only $19.99 plus $5.00 US shipping; international shipping is $13.95.  Thanks for stopping by, and don't miss out on this dress - it would be perfect for the upcoming fall season!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage Gothic/Witchy Satin & Brocade Dress in Treasury List on Etsy!


Attention all witchy women, or those who'd like to be...Maxine and I present to you the ULTIMATE in gothic fabulousness for Samhain celebrations, a good ol' fashioned Halloween party, or to be the dark belle of the ball at any club!

This is a rare, hard-to-find vintage dress from SUBTERRAENA. This is no cheesy costume-type dress...this here is the *real* deal! It's done in a heavy brocade/jacquard fabric, with charmeuse satin down the entire front of the gown (in a polyester/cotton/rayon blend), and it's a heavy gown! It's marked dry-clean only. It's my dress, and I've only worn it twice. :)

It features ginormous bell sleeves, and a corset-like bodice that ties in the front. Dress is unlined, but with the heavy fabric, it's not see-through at all. Sleeves have a double layer.

It's marked a size "medium," but please go by the following measurements:

Shoulder: 16.5"

Bust: 17" (double, does not stretch)

Waist: 14 3/4" (double, does not stretch)

Hip: Free

Length: 53.5" shoulder to hem

Sleeve length: approx. 28"

Sleeve sweep: 52"

Hem sweep: 35.5"

It can be laced tighter through the bodice and waist simply by pulling the ties!

Jewelry not included, but if you're interested in the Alchemy Gothic slave bracelet shown, e-mail me with an offer!

I have TONS of photos - just e-mail me for more, and please feel free to ask me any questions prior to purchase. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vintage JIM MORRISON Board Shorts - Size 7 - Modern Small

Maxine is ready to grab her surfboard and be the talk of the beach today in her stunning, one-of-a-kind JIM MORRISON/THE DOORS Hard Rock Hotel board shorts!! I've never seen anything quite like them - if they fit me, I swear I'd keep them all for myself! They don't have tags so I can't truly call them new old stock, but they don't appear to have ever been worn!

These awesome shorts feature a velcro and drawstring waist, and a coin pocket in back with The Doors logo on it. The shorts are a little lighter than they appear in the pics - they are navy blue on the waistline, and lighter blue and a sky-blue on the rest of them. The back of the shorts read "Hard Rock Hotel Orlando" on the waistband.

Bathing suit not included in this listing, but just convo me if you're interested in it.

The shorts are marked a size 7, but please refer to the measurements below to ensure a proper fit:

Waist: 16.5" (double, could be pulled smaller due to drawstring)
Hip: 18 3/4" (double)
Inseam: 3.5"
Outer length: 11"
Rise: 8 3/4"

Price:  $99.99 plus $5.00 US shipping; $13.95 for international shipping.  Don't miss out on these fabulous shorts - summer's still in full swing!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bubblegum Pink Elegant Grecian Goddess Nightgown - Size Medium to Extra-Large

Maxine is definitely looking every bit the Grecian goddess today in her lovely, sweeping vintage nightgown!

The nightgown is extremely unique because it's a wraparound style - what you do is put your right arm in the sleeveless hole, your left arm in the long sleeve, wrap around, and button on the right shoulder. It's extremely flattering for all bodies, and the material flows beautifully!

No brand label (I'm suspecting it's Gilead, but don't quote me!) and it's100% nylon. It's a bubblegum pink color, and features gold brocade trim all the way down the front, and on the sleeves. Some of the stitching around the neckline could use repair, but doesn't affect the wear or the beauty of this garment.

Shoulder: 18"
Bust: Open
Waist: Open
Hip: Open
Sleeve: 19.5"
Length: 53" shoulder to hem

Price: $25.99 plus $5.00 US shipping; $13.95 for international shipping.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hand-Painted Ladies Caftan/Hostess Dress - Medium to Small Plus-Size!

Maxine's looking like a goddess today in her vintage, hand-painted caftan! I've never seen a piece quite like this one - it's done in a heavy crinkle-cloth material (maybe a cotton blend?) and it's hand-painted in lovely shades of orange, red, yellow, green and blue, and it's even signed "Judy" at the bottom by the artist!

It doesn't look hand-sewn, but there are no labels in it. Please refer to the measurements below:

Shoulder: Open

Bust: 20" (double)

Waist: 18" (double)

Hip: 22" (double)

Length: 54" shoulder to hem

Sleeve: 22"

Price:  $99.00 plus $8.00 US shipping; $19.95 international shipping.

This caftan will be professionally drycleaned before it gets sent out, unless you request otherwise - it should fit anyone from about a modern medium to a small plus-size, based upon measurements.  Don't let this beauty get away!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot Pink EDIE Factory Girl Dinner Dress - Vtg sz 16, Modern 12

Maxine looks every inch a Youthquaker today in her stunning poly sheath dinner dress by Robinknits! This dress reminds me of something Edie Sedgewick might have worn back around 1967 or so...

The dress is done in a heavy, textured doubleknit poly, and the actual colour is *much* brighter than my camera could convey (more of a hot pink), and it's got the cutest collar! The bust features flattering pintucks, and the sleeves...oh, check out these sleeves, would you? They're 3/4, and they sort of balloon out below the elbows!

It's marked a vintage size 16, but it fits me and I'm a modern 10/12, but please refer to the measurements listed below for proper fit:

Shoulders: 15.5"
Bust: 20.5" (double)
Waist: 19" (double)
Hip: 20.5" (double)
Sleeve: 16.6"
Length: 39"

Necklace not included in listing.

Price:  $65.99 plus $8.00 US shipping; $19.95 international shipping.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Henry Lee 60s/70s Three-Piece Secretary Outfit - Polyester HEAVEN in a Vintage Size 16!

Ah...the good ol' days...Maxine hails a cab and heads downtown to her office job - she slips into the elevator and quickly powders her nose in its mirrored walls...she feels confident and powerful in her *stunning* and RARE three-piece outfit by the famous Henry-Lee! Time to make coffee for that demanding boss of hers...

This outfit includes a dress, jacket, and coordinating belt - the dress features a tobacco-brown bodice with a spiffy tie at the neckline, and the skirt is done in a textured heavy poly knit of brown, blue, and white. The coordinating jacket is done in the same pattern as the skirt, and boasts gorgeous soutache trim down the bodice, on the pockets, and on the sleeves (see photos). One of the sharpest features on this outfit is the navy blue shiny belt - it has no holes so it's completely adjustable for comfort, and it can be worn on the dress or outside the jacket!

The only issue with this outfit is that one of the buttons on the left wrist (see pic 2) is missing its little gold "ring" but other than that, it's still in excellent vintage condition!

This outfit is marked a vintage size 16, and in my estimation it could fit a modern 10/12, but please refer to all measurements listed below:

Shoulders: 15"
Bust: Open - no buttons
Waist: Open - no buttons
Hip: Open - no buttons
Sleeve: 22"
Length: 24.5"

Shoulder: 16"
Bust: 20" (double)
Waist: 16.5" (double)
Hip: 19.5" (double)
Length: 41"

Belt: 38.5" long

Price:  $99.99 plus $8.00 US shipping; $ 19.95 for internation shipping.

Thanks for stopping by! :)