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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hipster Sweaters, Vintage Suits, and More!

These fantastic little sweaters remind me of the Beat poets!  I have them listed on my Etsy site, and they're currently for auction on my "Vasilia's Vintage" eBay site.  They come in three different striped patterns, and they're perfect for fall layering!

I have these two light, ribbed sweaters available in brick red and burgundy wine!

I have these two funky little poly numbers on my Etsy site - they're fun and reasonably priced if you want to wear them for Halloween!

Stop laughing.  I know her wig is ridiculous!!

I call this outfit "Snakes on a Plane!"  It's currently available on my Etsy site for not much $$!

This little number will be available on my vasiliasvavavoomshope on eBay shortly!

This GORGEOUS vintage Sasson suit is available on my Etsy site, and the coordinating blouse is available, although not listed because it's not vintage.

This cute, lightweight jacket is ideal with the changing weather!  It's a wrap style, and it's fully lined.  Available on my Etsy site!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vintage Items Recently Sold On eBay

This delightful little number is handmade, and it's done in the prettiest fall colours!  Never had a chance to wear it because it was too long and I didn't want to ruin its resale value by hemming it.

Ah...this dress!  I was so excited when I bought it, but it never fit me quite right, as I said in a much earlier post.  It was too tight in the bust and arms, and I'm a little bit too long-waisted for it.

I bought these shoes to wear with a little fine-gauged knit sweater from Ann Taylor, and the shoes were about a half-size too big.  I've never had much luck with mules (or with slingbacks, for that matter!)

I spent days and days combing eBay for a skirt that matched this top, and one day I happened upon the perfect one!  I'm not sure why I never wore this, but it's going to a good home!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Slow Selling, But Still Steady - They're gone!

This cute three-piece ensemble went to my favourite return customer - she buys so much from me that I give her free shipping now! :)

This cute fall dress sold almost immediately - I wore it once with the belt shown - it's really cute and flattering!

Never got a chance to wear this little disco shirt.  It's got an interesting history, because the orange grove pattern came from a shop in an area which is now overgrown with commercial buildings and apartments, but used to be nothing but orange and lemon groves!

Ah...these bodysuits are SO soft and comfortable!  I still have this one available in black on my eBay "vasiliasvintage" store.  This one's going clear to Scotland, and I included a matching brooch for free - hope she loves it!

Oh my goodness!  I actually had to struggle with Maxine for about 15 minutes to get these cute vintage AVIA tights on her - they used to be my cycling and workout tights - farewell, and I hope you love them!  :)
This darling little pair of 60s clamdiggers went clear to Israel, and I included the matching top for free - hope she loves it!

This lovely little red poly frock is on its way to Australia!  I loved the details on the bodice - hope it's arrived safe and sound, and hope you adore it!