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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vintage sweaters and blouse on Etsy!

Vibrant little 70s/early 80s pullover v-neck sweater by Catalina!  Modern small/medium.

Looking for the perfect Spring-weight poncho?  Look no further!

Vintage Judy Bond semi-sheer blouse in those fabulous 70s colors!  Size "36," will fit modern medium/large.  Check out the little sparkly buttons!

Er...pardon Maxine's sans pantalones look today - I called her for a photo shoot before she had a chance to get fully dressed!  This is a lovely hand-knit bell sleeved open cardigan, done in the most vibrant colors - don't miss out!  Should fit a modern small/medium best, but could also work for a size large since it's open in front!

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