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Monday, June 27, 2011

On being camera-shy

Okay, so perhaps it's a bit silly to start a vintage fashion blog and be afraid of having one's picture taken (make that lots of pictures!) for the whole world to scrutinize, but I promise you that I won't be just posting pictures of my lovely mannequin, Maxine.  She's 5'11" and about a size 2, and I'm about 5'4" and we'll say approximately between a size ten and a size twelve, depending on the clothing manufacturer (and we all know how wonky modern vanity sizing can be!)

That being said, I'm also older than most of the fashion bloggers out there, but thanks to blogs like this one,, which I discovered from the fabulous Sal of Already Pretty,  I'm going to give it a go!  Fashion should be enjoyed by all ages, shapes, and sizes, in my opinion, and I'm just a regular gal.  I'm like everybody else - I have body image issues that date waaay back to when I was a young girl; I'm not into fancy designer labels because of a tight budget, and frankly, I believe in keeping the planet greener by both selling and wearing vintage clothing instead!

So here I am.  The pic of me and the pic of Maxine shows us both wearing the same vintage dress, but in my pic, I'm hunching my shoulders and trying to pull the bodice of the dress downwards, because sadly, I bought it off another eBay vintage seller, and it just didn't look right on me!  Max wears it much better.  But then, everything looks fabulous on her!

See the difference in how the dress fits?  On me, it's tight through the bust and the shoulders, and oddly enough, it was too short-waisted for me but not for Maxine, even though she's 7 inches taller than I am!  That's why it's for sale...sigh.  I'm usually pretty good with online shopping, because I know my measurements by heart (which is the Golden Rule of purchasing clothing online) but I struck out with this beauty!
So welcome to my blog, and I look forward to "meeting" you all!

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