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Monday, June 11, 2012

Like, OMG, how totally awesome is this??

Maxine looks every bit the 80s Valley Girl today in her vintage blouson mini-dress by Seattle Gear! It's done in a medium-dark wash, in 100% cotton, and it's got the great 80s batwing sleeves, gigantic shoulder pads (which are attached by velcro for easy removal), and the dress buttons all the way down the front.

The waist is elastic, and it's got a short mini-skirt (Max is 5'11" for reference) and you can roll the sleeves up for more casual look, or leave them down as shown! It has two large chest pockets and slash pockets on the skirt portion.

The dress is a size small, but please refer to meas. listed below to ensure proper fit:

Shoulder: Open
Bust: Up to 20" due to blouson effect (double)
Waist: 12" to 14" due to elastic (double)
Hip: 18" (double)
Length: 38" shoulder to hem
Skirt portion: 20.5" waist to hem
Sleeve: 20.5"

Price:  $30.99 plus $5.00 US shipping; $13.95 international.

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