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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vintage Items Recently Sold On eBay

This delightful little number is handmade, and it's done in the prettiest fall colours!  Never had a chance to wear it because it was too long and I didn't want to ruin its resale value by hemming it.

Ah...this dress!  I was so excited when I bought it, but it never fit me quite right, as I said in a much earlier post.  It was too tight in the bust and arms, and I'm a little bit too long-waisted for it.

I bought these shoes to wear with a little fine-gauged knit sweater from Ann Taylor, and the shoes were about a half-size too big.  I've never had much luck with mules (or with slingbacks, for that matter!)

I spent days and days combing eBay for a skirt that matched this top, and one day I happened upon the perfect one!  I'm not sure why I never wore this, but it's going to a good home!

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