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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Slow Selling, But Still Steady - They're gone!

This cute three-piece ensemble went to my favourite return customer - she buys so much from me that I give her free shipping now! :)

This cute fall dress sold almost immediately - I wore it once with the belt shown - it's really cute and flattering!

Never got a chance to wear this little disco shirt.  It's got an interesting history, because the orange grove pattern came from a shop in an area which is now overgrown with commercial buildings and apartments, but used to be nothing but orange and lemon groves!

Ah...these bodysuits are SO soft and comfortable!  I still have this one available in black on my eBay "vasiliasvintage" store.  This one's going clear to Scotland, and I included a matching brooch for free - hope she loves it!

Oh my goodness!  I actually had to struggle with Maxine for about 15 minutes to get these cute vintage AVIA tights on her - they used to be my cycling and workout tights - farewell, and I hope you love them!  :)
This darling little pair of 60s clamdiggers went clear to Israel, and I included the matching top for free - hope she loves it!

This lovely little red poly frock is on its way to Australia!  I loved the details on the bodice - hope it's arrived safe and sound, and hope you adore it!

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